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Paul Sauer Building

No. 1 Adderley Street, Cape Town
Phone: (+27) 021 421 4020/1
Fax: (+27) 021 421 4022
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Celebrating 20 Years of Unrivalled Journeys

Since its establishment in 1989, Rovos Rail has earned an international reputation for its truly worldclass travel experiences. Unique train and air safaris through the heart of africa combine magnificent scenery with the glamour and excitement of the golden age of leisure travel. Step aboard the spacious wood panelled coaches and enjoy fine cuisine with superb South African wines in unrivalled luxury and comfort.

In a series of train journeys lasting from 48hrs to a month, the Pride of Africa links some of africas greatest destinations.

Join us on our regular two day trip between Cape Town and Pretoria, the 55 hour safari from Pretoria to Durban and the 48 hour meander between Pretoria and Victoria Falls.

Join the 14 day long DarEs Salam sojourn, the seven day namibian special, the nine day Collage between Pretoria, Kruger Park, Durban and Cape Town or the exciting nine day Golf Safari.

Also on offer is the wondrous and varied April and November Southern Africa Air Safaris. A highlight is the Cape to Cairo journey, which is run every two years.