Just Nuisance


Visit Jubilee Square to find the statue of "Just Nuisance" - the Great Dane dog given British Navy rank during World War II.
Great waterfront dining at:
Seaforth Restaurant Ph: 021 786 4810
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The Meeting Place Ph: 021 786 1986
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Southern Right Hotel Ph: 021 782 0314
Black Marlin Ph: 021 786 1621
Simon's Town Museum
Ph: 021786 3046 at "The Residency' (1777), Court Rd.
Noorul Islam Cultural Museum Ph: 021 786 23029
Amlay House, King George Way.
SA Navy Museum Ph: 021 787 4635
Warrior Toy Museum Ph: 021 786 1395
Scratch Patch at Mineral World Ph: 021 786 2020
Rikki's Taxi Ph: 021 786 2136
Pisces Divers:12 Glen Road , Glencairn, Simonstown. 021 - 782 7205 or 083 231 0240. http://www.piscesdivers.co.za/
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Simon's Town Boat Company
Simon's Town Jetty
Cell: 083 257 7760
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False Bay is world renowned as one of the best places to watch Southern Right whales, Great White sharks, dolphins and the Cape Fur Seal. You can do this either from the shoreline, or better still take a boat tour out into the beautiful bay. Simon's Town Boat Company are the only Whale Watching Permit holders in False Bay. Two and a half hour 'Whale Watching" boat trips take place between June & November. All year round there are trips to Seal Island to view the 70 000 Cape Fur Seals, or the spectacular round tip to Cape Point from Simon's Town harbour jetty. Harbour tours are scheduled hourly. Booking essential.


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Ph: (021) 786 2329
Open daily 8am - 5pm
Table Mountain National Park



African (Jackass) Penguins are so called for the donkey-like braying sounds they make when on land. There are only 16 penguin species worldwide and Simon's Town is one of a total of 28 world penguin sites.
The Boulders Beach penguin colony is unique in that they have voluntarily inhabited suburbia and a public bathing space. Other African Penguin colonies exist on Robben, Dassen and Dyer Islands and at Betty's Bay, but these are not as easily accessible as Boulders Beach.


Jackass Penguins are birds that are almost totally adapted to life at sea and can spend long periods without landing. They feed on oil-rich pilchards, but have to feed on other fish and squid due to competition from commercial fisheries and increased seal populations.
At sea they 'fly' through the water with specially modified wings, and can attain speeds of 2.5km/hr to over 7 km/hr. Unlike whales and seals, penguins do not have blubber to insulate them against the cold, but they have a layer of air trapped beneath their feathers which gets severely damaged when coming into contact with an oil spill.



Their nests are shallow hollows in soil or stones where usually two eggs are laid. Males and females share breeding and feeding duties. Agile as they are in the sea, so they are clumsy on land, making them vulnerable to exploitation by humans and predators.
Early sailors and settlers harvested penguins. Now fully protected by law, the Jackass Penguins still face numerous threats. Among these are oil spills from ocean-going ships, which means certain death to thousands of birds if oil is washed into the feeding or breeding areas.